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Create, automate, and iterate any process you can imagine

Baton's forms, fields, and tables allow you to quickly create processes that fit everyone's workflow perfectly.

🛠️ Easy and powerful

Creating a process with Baton feels building a spreadsheet. Baton tables can pull data from other sources, assign work to a person, and store everything that happens in the process in one easy-to-manage place.

A product image of a setting panel that enables a no-code developer to change various aspects of one step of a process.

😍 Custom apps for your team, customers, executive approvers, and partners

No new system to learn. Send email notifications and create forms that anyone can open in any browser or mobile device.

A short animation that shows how a user can receive a custom email notification and click on that notification to view a custom-built page to submit an approval.

🙌 Automatic operation

After someone completes one step in your process, you can assign the next task and send reminders automatically. Take follow-ups and nagging off of your plate and automate every step.

An animation that shows the status of an item through the process being advance automatically

🔗 Integration-ready

No process lives in a vacuum. Baton enables you to pull data from tools and services you already use.

An image that shows Baton's ability to link to other SaaS services such as Hubspot, Airtable, Figma, Github, Slack, and Dropbox
Jump start your process with templates that showcase the power and flexibility of Baton's process builder.

Approvals as a Service

A process that starts with Airtable, goes through custom approval logic with Baton, and then flows back to Airtable.

Pull data from a data source (Airtable, Notion, Google Docs, and more) into an approval process. Create custom approval logic and write the result back to the data source.

Custom Quote Process

A process that starts with a form embedded in website, goes through an internal sales quotation process before getting customer approval.

Embed a quote form on your website and assign customer quote requests to your sales team to generate a quote. Automatically send the quote to the customer and capture feedback.

Customer Feedback Triage

A process that starts with an in-product feedback image that allows users to click on it to enter feedback. The feedback is triaged before being added to GitHub issues

Embed a feedback plugin into your product to allow your customers to send you feedback. Then triage it before sending it to an issue tracker of your choice (JIRA, Github Issues, Asana, and more).

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